Bread with Tomato

Ice cream by Sandro Desii

Ice cream by Sandro Desii

Cañota Tiramisú

Recuit with two marmalades

Le petit tartalet de fruits de temporé

Surprising bars by Valencia-born Paco Roig

Sponge cake

Giant egg custard with a lot of caramel

El borrachín de la Cañota

Giant Catalan custard

Pineapple “cocorrón”

La ruleta rusa: 8 Bombones Escribà

Sturgeon caviar Asetra Nacari

Galician veal sirloin

La Pluma Ibérica

Crab with thick rice broth cooked in the granny’s pot

Paella Parellada with seafood and vegetables

Suckling pig IGP

Calf’s cheek dices with our secret meat sauce

Charcoal-grilled sausage slices

Beef sirloin cubes with garlic


Molecular wings

Cochinita Pibil

Burguer Bull

Zorza de Lugo

Galician beef tripe with chickpeas and “chorizo”

Ear to the Galician

Padrón Peppers

A feira octopus

Chicken Curry

Thighs of quail in cold pickle

Beef meat cannelloni

Our olives

Galician spicy potatoes

Cod fish croquettes

Iberian ham croquettes

Iberian ham El Romero de Salamanca

Pickled Foie

Mini consommé

Snow cherry gazpacho and fresh cheese

Verdiblanca Puri salad

Cod “esqueixada”

Cebiche Cañotero

Fresh Cheese salad with Tomatoe and Mango sauce

Bowl Avocado with Spicy Tomato and Prawns

Russian Salad

The Beef Tartarín

The Tuna Tartarín

Prawns from Palamós

Fried Box

Clams Fisherman Style

Ría Razor-Shells

Brittany Oysters

Fresh Anchovies in Vinegar

Anchovies LOLÍN 00